Makeup tips for contact lenses wearer

Picking items

At the point when you wear contact focal points, picking your cosmetics items is somewhat more muddled than simply picking the ones you like. You need to think about your focal points and your eyes just as your look. Yet, first and foremost, wash your hands and put your focal points in before you start with your eyes cosmetics or even put on any lotion. This lessens the opportunity that the focal point will brush against the cosmetics and convey it into the eye. Consider utilizing a groundwork too before you start as these assistance keep the cosmetics set up.

At the point when you pick eye shadow, select a cream item over a powder one as these are more averse to get at you. While choosing a cream item, go for water based instead of oil based items as the last will cause more aggravation in the event that it gets at you than the previous.

Eye liner is a well known search for some women however isn’t ideal for contact focal point wearers. This is on the grounds that the eyeliner is applied to the waterline under the eye lashes and puts it exceptionally near the focal point. It additionally obstructs the oil organs of the eyes and can make the eye dry. In the event that eyeliner is an absolute necessity, go for pencils instead of gel or cream items which are bound to dry and chip away.


Picking a mascara item likewise requires a little thought. First off, stay away from fiber mascaras or those items who work to broaden lashes as these ordinarily utilize miniature drops that effectively fall into the eyes. Try not to select a waterproof mascara as these can’t be cleaned out with water and can even stain contact focal points in the event that they come into contact with them.

Focus on hypo-allergenic mascaras that are oil and scent free. Try not to put the item right to the base of the lash so it has less possibility of contacting the eye and ensure there are no bunches that may tumble off into the eye.

Uncommon reaches

Numerous cosmetics organizations are understanding that a developing number of ladies wear contact focal points and need cosmetics that is protected to use with them. Items might be named as safe for contact focal point wearers or ‘ophthalmologist tried’ however there should in any case be alert. In the event that you are wearing cosmetics consistently, it very well may merit considering changing to day by day as opposed to month to month focal points as this diminishes the danger that the cosmetics pollutes the focal point and causes an issue.

Wellbeing first

In the event that you imagine that your cosmetics has onto or behind your contact focal point, you should wash it off right away. In the event that your eyes become disturbed or there is an indication of a response, connect with your optician promptly to check if any further activity is required. Should be protected than sorry!

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