About us

Hi Friends,

My Name is VARSHA BILONIYA the founder of pretttifywithme.

my passion is taking care of me.

I have been doing reasearch about the beauty tips since many years, by reading books about this topic. I have lot of information about my topic which I gathered from my years.

I am passionate about sharing my all learning and experience about beauty and health through this blog. I am going to share easy and simple tips to my readers about beauty and how to take care about yourself.

In this journey you may fail at one point but i am here to hang you around me untill you are willing to tie with me.

For those who are curious about my birthplace then i am from DELHI, INDIA.

Lets first talk about why you should follow me and prettifywithme.

I have many important and useful information about my skills, which i gathered from various sources and also my personal experiences, which you will love and easy to use from simple ingredients.

  • get free tips on beauty, skin care, hair care and health tips
  • i will lock the success of beauty for you , by sharing the best strategy and updated tips.
  • post your queries and community will solve your beauty related problems in a minute.
  • get a change to directly communicate with me.
  • Beauty –i am going to share latest technique, treatments and tips and tricks from the world of beauty. Get the complete information related about hair, skin, makeup and the best products. Best tips about hair growth and how to get long and beautiful hair with easy tips and easy hacks about hair care. Best skin care tips to get flawless skin with easy ingredients. Hacks about your skin to get amazing skin tecture and complexion.
  • Health tips-health is more than being free from illness- it is a dynamic process of change and growth. best tips about health on diet and change in diet and weight loss, best home remedies . tips on how to de stress, here is also solution about busy working people, helping you stay health and fit with effortless ease.
  • makeup tips– this section about easy and pro techniques of makeup. How to select Affordable and best makeup products. How to do makeup in less time.